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Children's clothing online shop in growth: Consignor streamlines our shipping process from warehouse to customer and back

Sales in the popular children's clothing online shop House of Kids have been growing since its start in 2005. Founder Helle Guldmann quickly realized that effective solutions in the warehouse were necessary in order to faster send the increasing number of orders off to customers. The solution was the Consignor software.

In just 11 years, the award-winning children's clothing online shop House of Kids has grown from being a sideline job with just 5 clothing brands in Helle Guldmann’s living room to being a medium-sized company with a 1,400 sqm warehouse, 350 sqm offices, 100 clothing brands and 14 full-time employees. House of Kids filled a gap in the market with popular clothing brands, reasonable prices, user-friendly website, good customer service and fast delivery. Consignor has been part of the House of Kids' successful growth since 2007.

"I was hired as Helle’s fifth employee back in 2011 with responsibility of the warehouse, and Consignor streamlines much of my daily work. With Consignor we reduce the processing time of shipments through automatic data transfer to the carries as well as print of shipping and return labels. We are also able to track parcels in Consignor Portal fast, when we need it, and set up freight agreements with new carriers as Consignor contains the world's largest carrier library. When we receive returns at the warehouse, we register the returned item simply by scanning the return label with Consignors free scanning tool Scan App and simultaneously send a notification to the customer that we have received their product, " says Per Hoffman Pedersen, Warehouse Manager at the House of Kids.

Per Hoffman Pedersen (in the middle) and owner Helle Guldmann (right) at House of Kids' warehouse in Odder, Denmark.

House of Kids uses Consignor On-premises, which is one of the three versions that Consignor is available in. The three versions each have its advantages, depending on the type of business in question, but overall the software is the same. Consignor On-premises is integrated to House of Kids' ERP system, Navision. This means that their warehouse and customer service employees don’t actually see Consignor, but all the features are integrated to Navision, so that House of Kids is able to continue with working in the systems, they know.

When House of Kids needs to track parcels, they log on to Consignor’s cloud-based web service Consignor Portal, which is updated with status of their shipments. Additionally, House of Kids also uses Consignor’s scanning tool Scan App, which is absolutely free to download to your smartphone enabling you to use your phone as a PDA scanner. Scan App is able to scan all kinds of barcodes and update a parcel’s track & trace history. House of Kids use Scan App for scanning returns. Consignor is therefore included all the way from booking transport to pick, pack, shipping and returns at House of Kids.

Step by step: How Consignor is included at House of Kids

  1. House of Kids books their shipments via Consignor in Navision to be picked up, and simultaneously sends data to the carrier about the shipment’s size, weight and destination address.

  2. The picker at House of Kids picks the goods and print shipping and return labels via Consignor by scanning the order ID’s. Return labels are put inside the shipments. Shipping labels are put onto the shipments in accordance with the selected carrier’s formats.

  3. The carrier receives the automatically transmitted shipping data from House of Kids on which parcels, they want to be picked up.

  4. The carrier picks up House of Kids' parcels and scans the Consignor shipping label to update the parcel’s track & trace status.

  5. The carrier delivers the parcel to the recipient, and scans the Consignor shipping label to mark the parcel as delivered in the track & trace history.

  6. If needed, the recipient is able to return the parcel to House of Kids via the Consignor return label.

  7. At the warehouse House of Kids registers returns by scanning the return label with Scan App, and simultaneously sends a notification to the customer on receipt of their product.


  • House of Kids was founded by Helle Guldmann in 2005 in Odder, Denmark.

  • 14 employees are employed at House of Kids, including two in customer service and four at the warehouse.

  • In 2011, 2012 and 2015 House of Kids won the award for Best Children Online shop and Børsens Gazelle pris in 2011 and 2012. The Gazelle award is given to companies that over four years have experienced significant growth and overall at least doubled its turnover the four years.

  • House of Kids uses GLS and PostNord as carriers, but also offers pickup of online purchases at their warehouse in Odder.

  • House of Kids also sends parcels to customers outside Denmark, including Germany, England and Russia.

  • House of Kids use Consignor On-premises and Scan App at the warehouse and Consignor Portal in customer service.


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