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BFT Logistik: We deliver parcels better and faster with Consignor

We deliver parcels better and faster with Consignor

The Danish carrier, BFT Logistik base all their scanning, communication and track & trace on Consignor’s software. In return they get a traceable and more efficient shipment process.

BFT Logistik delivers everything from mobile phones to kitchens to consumers and companies. Their customers vary from big online shops, to ice cream and kitchen companies and more. BFT Logistik owns no delivery vans nor drivers but hire fleet and external drivers as and when required. BFT Logistik maintain partnerships and are affiliated with many independent hauliers. In 2013 BFT Logistik replaced all of their affiliated drivers’ PDA scanners with Scan App from Consignor, as they needed one common scanning tool across their different hauliers to make sure that data always was delivered in the same format. Before Scan App, BFT Logistik had a hard time tracking and documenting parcels as each affiliated haulier had their own way of doing this. According to CEO Thomas Wallin, Scan App was a small investment but has become indispensable for BFT Logistik's business model:

"Scan App is flexible and independent of hardware, which is highly significant for us, as we use many external drivers to deliver parcels and goods. With Scan App we are able to provide track & trace on all parcels, as long as the driver has a smartphone, which most people have today. It's a huge plus that we do not need different systems and hardware to be able to get track & trace information from our various external drivers. Track & trace is vital in the distribution industry! "

CEO at BFT Logistik, Thomas Wallin, bases his business’ communication on Scan App and Consignor.

If a driver at BFT Logistik did not own a smartphone to use Scan App, they are able to borrow a smartphone from BFT Logistik. The use of Scan App in Consignor led to more than improved track & trace for BFT Logistik, as they also became a part of the Consignor’s carrier library, which is the world’s largest carrier library in Delivery Management software. This means that companies who use Consignor’s software for printing shipping labels and booking shipments at various carriers can now also choose BFT Logistik for delivering their shipments.

”Being a Consignor Carrier means that we can be sure to get structured and automatically transferred shipment data from our customers, which streamlines our daily work. It also means that we are showcased to more potential customers, as we are available on a platform with more than 10,000 users as well as marketed on Consignor’s websites,” says Thomas Wallin.

Consignor is therefore included in several parts of the shipping process at BFT Logistik, which is advantageous for both employees and customers, as it saves working hours, reduces human errors, makes track & trace easy and fast. All in all this makes the shipment process far more efficient.

Step-by-step: How Consignor is included in BFT Logistik’s shipments process

  1. BFT Logistik’s customers i.e. book their shipments via their own Consignor to be picked up by BFT Logistik.
  2. The customer automatically prints the shipping label from Consignor according to BFT Logistik’s formats and places it on the parcel.
  3. BFT Logistik receives the automatically transferred shipment data from the customers on which parcels, they want delivered.
  4. BFT Logistik picks up the customer’s parcels and scans simultaneously the parcels with Scan App. The information from these scans are stored in the customer’s Consignor Portal. The Portal is a cloud-based web service, which is continuously updated with information on the consignments created by the customer in Consignor. The Portal allows the customer to see the current status of specific consignments.  
  5. BFT Logistik delivers the parcels to the end-customers and uses Scan App to let the end-customer sign off the parcel as delivered. This information is stored in Consignor Portal, and the shipment process is complete. If the end-customer is not at home, BFT Logistik are able to place the parcel in a safe place in agreement with the end-customer and use Scan App to take a picture of the parcel’s location and send to Consignor Portal for later tracking.


  • 30-35 external hauliers are affiliated BFT Logistik.
  • Between 75 and 150 drivers work for BFT Logistik depending on seasonality and customer activity.
  • BFT Logistik delivers up to 4,500 parcels daily.
  • BFT Logistik delivers parcels and goods to supermarkets, catering kitchens, kiosks, work places and private addresses.
  • BFT Logistik has customers such as, as well as ice cream and kitchen companies.
  • BFT Logistik use Scan App from Consignor and is also a part of Consignor’s carrier library as a Consignor Carrier.

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