Recently, two new features were added to Scan App, so now we provide you with live tracking and push notifications.

Live Tracking:
Live tracking allows you to see where all drivers are on a live tracking map. The driver’s position will be uploaded every minute to Consignor Portal, provided that “Share My Position” is turned on. If the device is not able to get a position because it is overcast or the driver is in a tunnel, the last known position will be uploaded and it is possible to see how long ago the driver was at the specific position.

By live tracking deliveries, it becomes possible to offer customers precise track & trace on their deliveries and provide exact delivery times, while optimizing the utilization of your delivery network.

Push notifications:
With push notifications, it is possible to alert drivers that a change has occurred in the settings in Action Center, e.g. new delivery destination or vehicle type, and that they need to update their data. This way, drivers will be instantly notified in case of changes to their route and the like. If, for example, a customer service department receives a call from a customer saying that they will not be at home when their package arrives, it is possible to notify the driver instantly through Scan App, to let him know that he can place the delivery in the garage.

Update your Scan App via App Store or Google Play to use the new features

FAQ: Live tracking with Scan App


Text by: Consignor,

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