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6 tips for best practice in Consignor

6 tips for best practice when using Consignor


Save time on sending parcels, get an overview of your shipments and adapt Consignor to your business’ needs. Use our 6 tips to ensure that you have the best starting point for sending your shipments with Consignor.

1. Integrate Consignor to your backend-system and save time

We recommend that you integrate Consignor to your online shop, ERP or WMS system, doing so stops the necessity to work in multiple systems, when you produce shipments. This is both efficient and easier for your employees, as they can continue to work in the systems they already know, and they only have to work with one system. Consignor can be integrated to any systems in all types of businesses. Read more about integration here.

2. Adapt the production view in Consignor to your specific shipping needs

If you use either the semi-autonomous or manual version of Consignor, it's a good idea to adapt the production view in Consignor to match your shipping needs. Using the semi-autonomous and manual versions of Consignor means that you work directly in the Consignor user interface, when you produce shipments. You can delete and move fields in the production view, and use the Enter Stop feature to determine which fields should be mandatory. Learn how to adapt the production view here.

3. Use Consignor Portal for track & trace

Consignor Portal is a cloud-based web service that is continuously updated with all information about the shipments you produce in Consignor. The Portal is a great tool for tracking your shipments. We therefore recommend that you use Consignor Portal instead of Consignor On-Premises to track your shipments, as On-Premises must be updated regularly by you, whereas the Portal is updated automatically. You have Consignor On-Premises, if your Consignor is locally installed in your IT systems, or in other words, is an icon on your desktop. Read more about Consignor Portal here.

4. Be sure that your parcels are insured if an accident occurs

Many people mistakenly believe that the carrier covers the shipment's full value if it is damaged or lost during transport, but unfortunately this is far from the case. Therefore, it may be a good idea to insure your parcels. With Click'n'Claim in Consignor you can quickly and easily insure your shipments directly in Consignor without deductibles. If an accident occurs, simply report the damage in Consignor and you will receive compensation within 48 hours. Read more about Click'n'Claim here.

5. Get return data from your carriers and check up on your shipments

Consignor automatically collects return data your carriers. Return data can contain shipping rates, shipping volume and information about damaged and lost packets. You can use return data to check if your carrier's freight rates and shipping volumes match your expectations. In the radar report in Consignor Portal you can see your ongoing shipments, and the return data will indicate when the parcel is delivered. Contact our customer service if you wish to receive return data from your carriers.

6. Get an overview of your shipments with reports and statistics

In Consignor Portal you have access to a variety of reports and statistics, which provide you with an overview of your shipments (ongoing, completed, shipping patterns), freight rates, carriers, return shipments and exchange pallets. This allows you to make decisions about your shipments e.g. shipping method and shipping rates based on a thorough knowledge of your shipping needs. The reports also serve as a good basis for negotiating with your carriers. Read more about reports in the Consignor Portal here.



Text by: Consignor, news@consignor.com
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