What is a Consignor Carrier?

A Consignor Carrier is an important part of the Consignor software. We connect senders with receivers and our carrier library is the cornerstone in this process.

Consignor’s carrier library is the world’s largest. We partner with both national and international carriers allowing our 10,000+ customers worldwide to choose a matching carrier for their domestic and cross-border shipments.

As a Consignor Carrier you get the benefits and competitive advantages of being showcased to our 10,000+ customers worldwide and at the same time allow your customers to take advantage of a professional Delivery Management platform.

Why you should become a Consignor Carrier? 

As a Consignor Carrier you gain the following advantages:

  • Get structured shipment data based on your specifications
  • Standardized shipping labels according to your format
  • Automatically transfer of shipment data directly from the sender to you
  • Visible to more than 10,000 customers as part of Consignor’s carrier library
  • Possibility to offer your customers track & trace information through Consignor Portal
  • Scan App: a free scanning tool for track & trace customized to your brand
  • Marketed on the Consignor website with company logo and link to your website

What it takes to become a Consignor Carrier? 

No carriers are alike and in Consignor, we embrace the diversity among carriers because that is what gives our customers the best possible chance to create a great delivery experience. This is why we need to know you and carrier services a bit better in order to find the best way to combine it with the Consignor platform.

When boarding you as a carrier, our Project Manager sets up the unique project in order to capture your carrier business.

How to become a Consignor Carrier:

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“We use Consignors free

“We use Consignors free scanning tool Scan App to scan and provide track & trace on all parcels. Scan App is downloaded to the driver’s smartphone and is independent of hardware, which is highly significant for us as we use many external drivers. Track & trace is absolutely vital in the distribution industry! Being a Consignor Carrier means that we can be sure to get structured and automatically transferred shipment data from our customers, which streamlines our daily work.”

Thomas Wallin

CEO, BFT Logistik