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In this news section we keep up updated on news and events in our organisation as well as new features in our software.

Customize your carrier labels in Consignor

Most of the information on your labels is automatically generated by the carrier to their specific requirements. But what if you need to add more details, such as an order number, extra barcode or logo? This is not always straightforward. When a new carrier update is...

Ship worldwide with OCS and Consignor

Consignor: OCS Worldwide is the latest carrier to be added to the Consignor platform, allowing customers to extend their global reach to countries throughout the world. This also allows retailers, through a simple IT setup, to quickly move their operations from brick...

Overall parcel volumes continue to rise during COVID-19 pandemic

Based on shipping data, we’ve unearthed a series of key trends around the changes in shipping volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include: 13% increase in the number of parcels shipped overall Rise of B2C ecommerce shipments of 17% 9% increase in parcels...

New carrier: Celeritas

Carrier Celeritas is now a part of Consignor’s ever growing carrier library, which means that you can now easy and fast integrate to Celeritas.

Consignor is ISO 27001 certified

We are proud to receive the ISO 27001 certificate, which shows Consignor’s ambitions of leading a high quality information security level.

Updated Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for the Consignor Platform will be updated per 01.01.2019.To accommodate the new subscrition structure introduced …

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