The new partnership is interesting for Consignor customers as Devoca represents a new approach in warehouse software. As WCS supplier (Warehouse Control System), Devoca focuses solely on warehouse personnel and warehouse picking instead of trying to manage whole warehouse operations like WMS suppliers.

Devoca is a new player in the Finnish market. Their service promise is interesting for companies that think warehouse processes differently. This customer segment is relevant for Consignor since these companies often also want to optimize shipping processes. Together with Devoca we can present an integrated total solution to customers,” says Petri Karjalainen, Country Manager, Consignor Finland.

Devoca CEO, Leo Hämäläinen, agrees with Petri and adds:

“We are really excited to work with Consignor and make it easier for our customers to improve their delivery management. Ready to use integration between our solution and the Consignor Delivery Management software will lower customers’ implementation costs and reduce time to live operating solution. It also improves the ROI of the total solution, which we are keen to focus on.”

According to Devoca, the big differences between them and ordinary WMS solutions are the easiness of implementation and cost of ownership. Devoca’s focus on optimizing warehouse operations is reflected in their leading solution Talk’n’Pick. Talk’n’Pick is a wearable tool for warehouse workers freeing both hands and eyes to the actual work. It consists of mobile phone, finger scanner and headset. The mobile phone is worn on the worker’s arm using a specially designed technical glove. The worker is then able to scan products with the finger scanner, work with different tasks e.g. picking, receiving, put away or inventory via the mobile phone and perform voice picking via headset.


  • Devoca is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.
  • Devoca offers solutions for optimizing warehouse picking through common, on-the-selves electronic components like mobile phones, printers and scanners.
  • Devoca’s customers range from high volume 3P logistics operations and wholesales (BtoB office supplies/foods/medical) to manufacturers. Common nominator is the need for improved warehouse management efficiency with the best ROI.
  • LTP Logistics Oy, Medifon Oy, and Wulff Oy are all examples of Devoca
  • Devoca is Consignor Integrator partner. See all Integrator partners here.

Text by Consignor,

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