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Consignor transfers your shipment data automatically

Consignor makes your shipment digital in order to automatically transfer shipment data, book transport, and receive return data.

Watch Managing Director Gary explain the fundamentals of how Consignor works.

Watch how easy this online shop transfers data from Consignor to their carriers.


  • Consignor creates a digital version of your shipment.
  • Consignor transfer the shipment data to your carrier.
  • Consignor consolidates shipments with the same receiver.


  • Automatic transfer of shipment data and booking of transport.
  • Save time on not having to manually type data.
  • Reduce typing errors.
  • Improve data quality.
  • Moneysaving because of the time factor as well as shipment completion.
  • Timesaving for your carriers, as you transfer correct shipment data according to their specifications – every time.
  • Keep track of your shipments with return data.

Consignor transfers shipment data to your carriers

When you create shipments through Consignor, your shipment data will automatically be transferred to your carrier in the exact structured format they require it in.  When you have generated the shipment you can choose to automatically transmit the shipment data to the carrier immediately or you can bulk the data transmission so that you e.g. transfer the shipment data at a specific time every day. Bulking your data transmission enables you to edit the shipment after generating it.

See our full carrier library here.


Use the carrier service you want

No matter which carrier services you choose to use from each of your carriers in Consignor, you can be sure that Consignor transfers all the  shipment data the carrier needs according to the specific service. This allows you to mix and match the carrier services to your exact needs without increasing the handling time for each shipment. Moreover, you can use Consignor Shipping Rules to automatically pick the most suitable carrier service for each shipment, based on your criteria.


Consignor consolidates your shipments

Consignor automatically consolidates those of your parcels that are headed for the same destination with the same carrier by evaluating your shipments before transmitting your shipment data.  This is advantageous for you, as bundling parcels to  fewer shipments saves you money, and at the same time you get a better overview of your shipments. Furthermore, it is easier to track & trace consolidated shipments.


Get an overview with return data

Consignor collects return data from your carriers (return data is not supported by all carriers). These return data can include freight rates, shipping volume and weight as well as events during shipping e.g. delivered notification, damaged or lost shipments. You can use the measurement return data from your carrier to compare with your own shipment data to see if e.g. the carrier’s shipment weight deviates from your own shipment weight. You can subsequently evaluate these deviates to see, if there is deviations that you need to act on. The rate information return data allows you to keep track of whether your carrier is billing you as expected for your shipments – and combined with precalculated rates done in Consignor, you can do effective Invoice Control.


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