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Integration to Consignor

No matter which ERP, WMS or e-commerce solution you use you can integrate it with Consignor.

Watch Managing Director Gary explain the fundamentals of how Consignor works.

Watch how this online shop uses Consignor via an ERP integration.


  • Choose which integration set-up that matches your routines.
  • Integration to Consignor is full- or semi-automatic, depending on your needs.
  • Consignor helps you integrate to Consignor.


  • Integrating your system to Consignor relieves you of manual re-entry of order information when producing shipments.
  • Improves data quality.
  • Automatic transfer of shipment data to carrier and validated shipment labels.
  • Easy access to track & trace information from all carriers.
  • Work in systems you are used to with the full-automatic integration.
  • Add additional shipping information to your shipments with the semi-automatic integration.

Integrate your system to Consignor

We recommend integrating Consignor with your backend system, as this relieves you of manual re-entry of order information when producing shipments. The majority of our customers use Consignor via an integration to their back-end system. As Consignor can be integrated regardless of carrier set-up and ERP, WMS or e-commerce solution, Consignor suits small online start-ups as well as group storage facilities handling thousands of parcels per hour. Click here to see a list of all the ERP, WMS and e-commerce systems that Consignor is already integrated to.

Click here to see a list of our Consignor Integrators, who have already show that they master the integrations.

Full- or semi-automatic integration

Integration to Consignor is full- or semi-automatic, depending on your needs. Either way the integration is done through file drop integration, SQL extract or a Consignor API.

The full-automatic integration allows you to continue working in your current ERP, WMS or e-commerce system when you produce shipments. Consignor works as a black box behind your system, controlled  via commands.

The main advantages of making a full-automatic integration are that there is absolutely no need for retyping shipment data and no need for introducing a new system to the employees. Setting up an integration that exchange data both ways also allows you to access tracking information directly in your backend system. The semi-automatic integration, allows you to exchange some data between your backend system and Consignor, but you will have to finish the production of the shipment directly in Consignor.

The advantages of making a semi-automatic integration is that you have the possibility to add or correct some shipping information directly in Consignor. For example, you may have any unknown factors when handling the order in your backend system, which you will then be able to add later on directly in Consignor.


Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding integration of Consignor to your system. Contact us here.


Or go to our Help Center to learn more about integration.