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Are your deliveries on time?

The Carrier Performance tool in Consignor can be used to track the precision of your deliveries as well as to measure and compare the accuracy of your carriers.

Use the Carrier Performance tool to track the precision of your deliveries as well as to measure and compare the accuracy of your carriers.


  • Consignor Portal gathers all information on the timing of your shipments
  • Log on to Consignor Portal and go to the Carrier Performance Report or Chart
  • Filter on locations, carrier, date, product/service and status
  • Compare carriers and products/services
  • Follow up on your Service Level Agreement with your carrier


  • Precise timing of deliveries is important to customers
  • Keep track of whether your deliveries are on time
  • Communicate proactively to customers if their delivery was not on time
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Use reports for analysis and carrier negotiations

Studies show that accuracy is a key performance indicator in delivery – on par with, or perhaps even more important than speed. Carrier Performance in Consignor gives you the full overview of the accuracy of your deliveries: which ones were on time, which ones were delayed and which ones were early.

How Carrier Performance works

The Carrier Performance tool in Consignor Portal is configured according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have with each of your carriers. This SLA defines the target transit time for any given product, e.g. delivery within x-number of days or within a certain delivery window. The target transit time is calculated when the shipment is produced in Consignor and thus stored for comparison to the actual transit time. The actual transit time is received from the carrier through return data and any carrier that offers this (from their own system or via Scan App) can be set-up in Carrier Performance.

The configuration is stored in an XML file that contains the target transit times to different areas and the triggers for pick-up according to your specific carrier agreements. You can use one configuration for the whole installation or decide to use detailed configurations on lower levels (location and actor).

When the XML file has been uploaded the Carrier Performance functionality is activated and the Performance Report can be accessed in Consignor Portal.

How to track carrier performance

In the Carrier Performance Report and -Chart, delivery information on each of your shipments is displayed. Shipments can be filtered on location, carrier, date, product/service, status and receiver, which makes it possible to follow up on specific shipments or compare the accuracy of different carriers and products/services.
This information can be used proactively in customer communication or to follow up on whether your carriers are living up to the Service Level Agreement you have with them.

Go to our Help Center to learn more about how Carrier Performance works.

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