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Consignor eases internal distribution

Consignor Inbound is ideal if you have large volumes of inbound consignments that need to be distributed internally to various departments and employees. The incoming shipments from different carriers are gathered in Consignor via scans of the parcels or relabeling.


  • Consignor Inbound records all incoming shipments.
  • The recording is done via scan of the label or relabeling.
  • Scan and document inbound consignments with Scan App.


  • Overview of inbound shipments.
  • Reduce the number of internally lost parcels.
  • Easy internal redistribution.
  • Internal track & trace.
  • Notify employees that their parcel is on the way.
  • Easier to plan work tasks that depends on inbound consignments.

How Consignor Inbound works

Inbound consignments are recorded in Consignor by scanning the label or applying a new internal label. Once the consignment has been recorded in Consignor, the internal recipient will be informed by e-mail or SMS that their consignment is on its way from the goods reception unit. If you use Scan App or another scanning solution for Consignor Inbound, the scans are automatically uploaded to Consignor Portal, allowing both the goods reception unit and the internal recipient to easily track the consignment along its way.

It is a good idea to use Scan App when distributing parcels internally as you can document individual consignment events, e.g. delivered to recipient, packaging damaged, failed delivery.


How to get started with Consignor Inbound

The configuration and price of Consignor Inbound depends on the number of consignments that your company needs to have distributed internally and any other demands that Consignor Inbound must meet. Therefore, in order for you to get started with Consignor Inbound, we have to know your company a little better.

Please contact our sales team so that we can find the best solution for you and make a quotation for Consignor Inbound for your company. Please find all relevant contact information here.


Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding Consignor Inbound. Contact us here.