Use your smartphone as parcel scanner

Scan App is an app designed for smartphones which you can use instead of a traditional PDA scanner to scan shipping labels. The scan is immediately transferred to Consignor Portal, where you and your customers can track the parcel.

Watch this short video of how Scan App works.


  • Scan App is Consignor’s scanning app for smartphones.
  • Scan App replaces the traditional PDA scanner.
  • Scan App scans barcodes and documents a shipment’s status.
  • Scan App uploads all scans and information about the shipment to Consignor Portal.


  • Use a tool you already have in your pocket.
  • Easy to use.
  • Even small carriers have the possibility to offer track & trace.
  • Scan App is independent of hardware.
  • Easy access to track & trace.
  • Communication tool between you and your driver.

How Scan App works

Scan App is an application designed for smartphones. It is available for Android and iOS. It uses the camera in the telephone to scan the bar code and give the shipment a new status. You can add comments, images, weight values, events, signature etc., and all information is uploaded to Consignor Portal together with a time stamp and the GPS position. This means that both carriers and senders can use Scan App to enrich parcels with track & trace and status update when sending and returning shipments.

Scan App works whether or not there is network coverage (mobile/wifi). Once the telephone re-enters a covered area, the events are uploaded to Consignor Portal. If you need to gather information from Scan App for other purposes, these data can be collected using web services and afterwards exported to other systems.

Route Optimization

If you manage your own fleet of vehicles you can use the route planning feature in Scan App to plan and optimize the driver’s delivery route. Scan App provides directions, ETA and other relevant delivery information, including the option to call the recipient directly from within the app. Kickstart Route Planning with this guide.

Use Scan App for all bar codes

All bar codes generated in Consignor can be scanned with Scan App. If you want to use Scan App to scan bar codes not generated in Consignor, please contact us for further information.


Data traffic from Scan App

Scan App generates relatively little data traffic. Normal events are compressed prior to upload. Images generate more data traffic. So, if you are abroad, consider whether the use of images is necessary, or use low-resolution images. Contact your mobile operator for data traffic prices.


How to get started with Scan App

Download for iPhone here.
Download for Android here.

Follow this 5 step procedure to configure your Scan App with Consignor Portal:

  1. Ask your employer to send an invitation to use Scan App from Consignor Portal – in Consignor Portal go to Action Center > Agents > Invite new > New agent.
  2. You will receive an invitation to use Scan App via SMS or e-mail.
  3. Via the link in the SMS or e-mail you download Scan App for your smartphone.
  4. Register your name and mobile number (if SMS invite) or email address (if e-mail invite) in Scan App.
  5. Your Scan App will configure automatically and you are ready to use it!

If your employer doesn’t have access to Action Center in Consignor Portal, please contact your local Customer Service to get started with Scan App.


Feel free to contact us in case of you have any questions regarding Scan App. Contact us here.


Or go to the Scan App guide in our Help Center