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Consignor simplifies shipping of dangerous goods

Consignor makes it easier for you to ship dangerous goods, as it automates the printing of necessary documents and transfer all relevant data to the carrier.

Watch Technical Consultant Anne explain how Dangerous Goods in Consignor works


  • Automatic print of dangerous goods documentation.
  • Online catalogue of dangerous goods articles.
  • Integration to DG Office.


  • Simplify shipping of dangerous goods.
  • Ensure correct documentation.
  • Easy integration.
  • Prints all freight documents connected to dangerous goods shipments.

Dangerous Goods in Consignor

Dangerous goods are shipments that contain e.g. explosive, flammable, toxic, infectious, radioactive and corrosive substances and objects. When shipping dangerous goods you have to document all the details of your shipment to the carriers in order for them to know how to handle your goods. Dangerous goods documentations must comply with some strict legal standards which can be confusing and time-consuming. Therefore, you can benefit from automating this process via Consignor.

Consignor automatically prints the necessary dangerous goods documents and transfers data to the carrier. You can use Dangerous Goods in Consignor regardless of road/sea carrier and the destination of your shipment. The automated process is conducted via an integration to DG office (from DGM), which ensures that dangerous goods descriptions and documents are always updated in order for your shipments to arrive safely. The DG Office integration is controlled via Consignor’s integration module. In order for you to use Dangerous Goods you must acquire a DG office license from a DGM Partner.


How it works

As a first you need to be affiliated with a DGM partner and acquire a DG office license to send dangerous goods. Consignor can help you find a DGM partner if you do not already have one. With the license key in hand the connection between Consignor and DG office is easily setup.

You create your dangerous goods articles through your user access to the online catalogue in DG office, which then acts as a database and validation of your dangerous goods. Consignor automatically collects information about your dangerous goods from DG office via the article number, which you fill out or import (e.g. from the ERP system) to your Consignor installation. This saves you hours of work, because you do not need to manually fill out dangerous goods documents each time you send dangerous goods. At the same time the built-in validation prevents you from any fines or accidents.


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