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BFT Logistik

The Danish carrier, BFT Logistik base all their scanning, communication and track & trace on Consignor’s software. In return they get a traceable and more efficient shipment process. BFT Logistik delivers everything from mobile phones to kitchens to consumers and companies. Their customers vary from big...

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Just “Click”, and the money is transferred to your account. “We are fully satisfied with Click’n’Claim. It’s very simple! We just click to insure the consignments and to claim compensation for damaged or lost items. And full compensation is paid into our account in no time....

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According to Elgiganten, omni-channel wins over pure-players in the future due to more efficient warehouse and shipping processes. With their new highly automated warehouse, Elgiganten plans to increase the number of shipments from the current 2 million up to 5 million a year. Elgiganten is currently...

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Get Inspired

Faster delivery, simpler warehouse routines and better control are just some of the many benefits that online shop Get Inspired experienced by optimizing their warehouse. Get inspiration to how you can optimize your warehouse, and why it is important, in this article. Norwegian online sportswear...

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Extensive documentation and EDI transfer makes it confusing and time consuming to ship dangerous goods. But this is not the case for Finnish Motoral who on a daily basis ships gasoline, car batteries and aerosols hassle free to stores, workshops and consumers in Finland and...

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Tailor Store

Swedish online shop Tailor Store saves time and money and reduces the environmental impact and delivery time by using new Delivery Management technology. It is morning in the town of Alawwa in central Sri Lanka. The citizens are well underway with the day’s work, and at...

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