Most of the information on your labels is automatically generated by the carrier to their specific requirements. But what if you need to add more details, such as an order number, extra barcode or logo?

This is not always straightforward. When a new carrier update is released, the additional information is removed, leaving you with the manual task of updating the labels each time.

Consignor has the solution. Instead of adding information to the carrier label, you can create an overlay that is printed on top of the original label. This ensures that the original label can still be updated when you run a carrier update. You can also use the overlay feature with labels retrieved from a carrier’s webservice.

Important:  It is always your responsibility to get approval from the carrier if you add your own information to a label. Failing to get approval may cause extra shipping costs and you risk the shipment being rejected.


What information can be added?

Consignor’s overlay label feature allows you to add the following to your carrier labels:


People need to see your logo more than 5 times to be able to connect it with your company. Consignor gives you the opportunity to do just that. You can also use this to showcase your security credentials, awards you’ve won and much more.


Many different types of barcode exist, with some better suited to certain types of shipments than others.

You can add additional barcodes to your labels allowing for internal automation routing or multi-leg shipments using different carriers or solution providers to ensure you meet the standards set by your industry.


Sending a message via email or SMS isn’t the only way to communicate with your customers.

You can also add short sections of text to your label instead. Whether you want to explain your returns policy, or simply thank them for purchasing, this is an effective way of reaching your end customer.

QR code

You need to make the most of the limited space on your labels.

Adding a QR code allows you to direct customers to a web page or consignment note and provide them with the additional information they need.

Want to learn more?

Get in contact with us to arrange a demo so we can show you how easy it is to add additional information to your carrier labels in Consignor.