Our free Help Centre has been updated with everything you need to know to utilize your Scan App solution to its fullest potential.

Scan App is Consignor’s app designed for smartphones, which you can use instead of a traditional PDA scanner to scan shipping labels – read more about Scan App here. The app can be used in different ways to address different needs; Danish carrier BFT Logitik, who has 30-35 different external hauliers with up to 150 drivers, use Scan App to provide uniform track & trace on all parcels. CEO Thomas Wallin says: “With Scan App we can provide track & trace on all parcels. It’s a huge plus that we do not need different systems and hardware to be able to get track & trace information from our various external drivers.” On the other hand, Norwegian online store Milrab.com uses Scan App to keep track of returned items and registration of pick-up orders out of their showroom.

Complete guide to Scan App
The guide covers everything from the basics on how to get started using Scan App and Action Center to advanced settings for Scan App events and everything in between. With Consignor’s Help Centre as your guide, you will be able to set everything up yourself and get even more out of your existing solution, adapting it to the specific needs of your business. The guide covers:

Basic Setup and usage

Advanced settings


Go here to learn more about how to utilize Scan App even better! Or get in touch with us here, if you are interested in getting a Scan App solution for your business.

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