Gain control over your logistics supply chain

Consignor for Logistics enables you to manage your whole distribution network through one centralized platform.

This allows you to get full visibility of parcels moving throughout your logistics supply chain and access to a comprehensive reporting suite with valuable data on shipments, freight costs, carrier performance and much more.

One centralized platform When

One centralized platform

When handling shipping channels in different industries and countries, getting full visibility of your whole distribution network and parcels moving throughout your supply chain becomes complicated.

With Consignor for Logistics you can gain control, by individually managing your customers in a single, centralized online platform. This provides an overview of all your customers, parcels, goods and shipping data in just one system allowing you to track orders easy and fast.



Powerful branding opportunities Traditionally,

Powerful branding opportunities

Traditionally, tracking pages and notifications are the same whether you ship multiple brands, work in different countries or ship B2B and B2C. This makes it difficult for the recipient to see who is the sender of the tracking information. At the same time the sender misses out on powerful marketing opportunities.

With Consignor for Logistics you can create custom, branded configurations for each customer, sales channel and location and promote your own brand by white labelling the platform as your own solution.

Automate your shipping rules

Automate your shipping rules

When your shipping policy involves multiple senders, carriers and countries, it becomes harder to manually work out the best delivery method for each shipment. Doing this is both time consuming and increases the risk of manual errors occurring.

To save your warehouse staff time and reduce manual errors, you can automate carrier allocation based on cost, parcel weight, dimensions and more through customizable shipping rules.

Analyze your shipment data

Analyze your shipment data in one place

As a 3PL you need an easy way to analyze shipment and carrier data for invoice checking and assessing the performance of your carriers. However, when your shipment and carrier data is spread across multiple systems, it becomes difficult to analyze and time consuming to compile into reports.

By managing your whole distribution network in one place you get a single point of data collection, so you can accurately compare invoice reports, measure carrier performance and provide a seamless delivery experience every time.

Access the world’s largest

Access the world’s largest carrier library

Sticking to only a small number of carriers is not optimal, as this limits the number of convenient delivery services you can offer which may drive customers away.

With the world’s largest carrier library, Consignor for Logistics gives you instant access to hundreds of global, national, regional, local, and same-day delivery companies, allowing you to support your customers with new and convenient services.

Optimize your delivery fleet

Optimize your delivery fleet

It’s difficult for your drivers to manually work out the best route when delivering parcels to multiple locations.

Scan App solves this problem, by automatically calculating the fastest delivery route, providing expected drop off times, showing the distance between each drop and displaying the route on Google Maps.

By downloading Scan App on their Android or Apple device, your drivers can scan parcels to update their status, get the best delivery routes and through an online, cloud-based portal, you can see where drivers are and if they are active or off duty.