Three new categories are now available in the radar report in Consignor Portal, giving you a better overview of your deliveries and allowing you to perform an even better service to your customers.

The radar report in Consignor Portal gives you a snapshot of the status of your shipments en route to the receiver at any given time. Recently, three new categories were added to the report: Out for Delivery, Carrier Exception and Exception.

  • Out for Delivery indicates that a shipment has been scanned for delivery and is en route to the receiver with the carrier chosen.
  • Carrier Exception means that a deviation at the carrier has occurred, e.g. that the parcel has been damaged during transport. Carrier Exceptions are defined by the carrier and are included in the return data Consignor receives from the carrier.
  • Exception is deviations at either the consignor or the receiver, e.g. if a customer calls in order to delay delivery to the next day when the carrier is already en route. You are able to define these yourself via Consignor Portal or, if you are using Scan App, via Action Center.

Proactive customer service
With the overview of ongoing deliveries in the radar report, it is fast and easy to highlight shipments that deviate from the expected and take proactive action – for example by notifying the receiver if their delivery is delayed.

This way, you are able to anticipate your customer’s need for service. Note that the report is a snapshot that shows the status of all deliveries right now. If a shipment had the “Exception” status earlier in the day and one hour later it is ”Out for Delivery” it will no longer be visible on the “Exception” list.

The radarreport is active by default and you will find it under the “history” tab in Consignor Portal.

Go to our FAQ to read more about how to define events/exceptions:

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