The newest version of Scan App released recently contains a new feature: Action Center Messages, allowing managers to send messages to their agents in the field.

With Action Center messages, managers can send their agents short here-and-now messages to make their day easier, e.g. “Accident! Avoid route E6”, “Snow predicted tomorrow, remember to change your tires”, “Call me when you get to the customer”.

Messages are configured and sent via Consignor Action Center and when an agent has read the message, the device will send back a status to the server, allowing the manager to see if his message has been read. Read messages are automatically deleted after 5 days, so that the agent is not distracted by obsolete messages and can stay focused on the latest news.

Action Center Messages are not a replacement for Emails or text messages as they are a one-way communication channel from manager to agent. However, they allow the manager to be more productive by sending short notifications from the Action Center interface directly to the prime work tool.

Go to our FAQ to learn more about the Action Center and how to send Action Center Messages.

The new version of Scan App with Action Center Messages for both iPhone and Android is available for download now.

Text by Consignor,

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