At Consignor, we believe that great customer service is not hard to achieve; it is all about having access to an expert when you need one, at a predictable cost. Therefore, we are introducing a new price policy for customer service over the coming weeks.

At Consignor, our goal is for you to realize the full benefit of your Consignor Platform. It is important to configure the Consignor solution so that it reinforces your processes and policies in the best possible way.

Our certified Consignor specialists are ready to assist you when you are ready. They have always been, but now we make the price more predictable for you. You will pay a fixed price of only £35 per call or email, and our specialists will assist you for up to 15 minutes. The new price model will be implemented over the coming weeks. Inquiries that take longer than 15 minutes to resolve will, as today, be invoiced as consultancy at the current hourly rate.

For customers who prefer the do-it-yourself solution, we recommend our free online tutorials/FAQs available here

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