Optimera Sweden, a chain of construction markets targeting professionals, have chosen to manage their deliveries via the Consignor platform.

The company sends around 100.000 parcels per year and plans to use Consignor to simplify the handling of both outgoing and incoming deliveries. In addition to Consignor’s Delivery Management Solution, Optimera will implement Consignor’s Scan App in order to get track and trace on shipments delivered with their own vehicles or hired crane trucks.

Optimera has integrated Consignor with their ERP system Trygg2000 in order to get a seamless transfer of order data.

If you are interested in knowing more about Consignor and how we can help simplify your Delivery Management, you are welcome to get i touch.


  • Optimera is one of the leading professional construction markets in Sweden
  • The chain is owned by Saint-Gobain, one of the largest industrial corporations in Europe with presence in 67 countries.
  • Theirtarget group is first and foremost professional tradesmen


Text by Consignor, news@consignor.com

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