Assess your carriers’ performance

Assess your carriers’ performance

Knowing which carriers are performing best gives you vital insight when negotiating freight rates.

Consignor’s carrier performance report allows you to assess specific shipments or compare different carriers and products/services and make more informed decisions.

All the data you

All the data you need

Some reporting tools only provide basic data which makes it difficult to identify key trends.

Consignor gathers all information on the timing of your shipments. You can then filter this data by location, carrier, date, product/service, status and receiver so you can build the reports you need.

Choose from the world’s

Choose from the world’s largest carrier library

Using multiple carriers increases the data set you have available to compare their performance.

Using Consignor’s vast carrier library, you can integrate with multiple carriers. This also means you can offer more delivery options in your online checkout and expand into new markets.