Claim in a couple

Claim in a couple of clicks

If one of your consignments is damaged or lost, you don’t have to waste time contacting the insurance company or carrier to claim.

Instead, you can do this in Consignor in a couple of clicks. The premium is calculated automatically and is displayed so you can approve it.

Receive compensation quickly Insurance

Receive compensation quickly

Insurance claims usually take a long time to be settled.

Not in Consignor. You can eliminate the risk of lengthy proceedings relating to damage claims as compensation will be transferred to your account within 48 hours.

Cut down on paperwork

Cut down on paperwork

Filling out cargo insurance claims by hand wastes your time that could be better spent elsewhere.

In Consignor, all your claims are managed within the software so they can be processed quicker. This also has the added bonus of reducing the environmental impact of using paper.

Consignor’s insurance partner is IF Insurance. You can read more about their full terms here.