Use your own technology

Use your own technology

Creating a PUDO service in store doesn’t mean you have to invest in new, expensive hardware.

Accessible via a browser on any device, Consignor allows you to use your existing technology to store, retrieve and hand-over customer orders, using sign-on glass technology.

Provide regular order updates

Provide regular order updates

The last thing you want is for your customers to go out of their way to collect an order, only to find it’s not ready yet.

Through tailored notifications, Consignor ensures that your customers will be kept updated in real-time of the status of their order.

click and collect

Offer more convenient delivery options

Not all of your customers have the time to receive a delivery at home.

Adding an in store click and collect option to your online checkout gives them a convenient way to pick up their orders at a time that suits them.

Keep inventory in store

Keep inventory in store and cut down on costs

Shipping stock from third party warehouses adds to your overall costs and delays the arrival of orders your customers want to collect in store.

By using in-store inventory, you can cut delivery times and spread your inventory over multiple locations, giving you even more ways to fulfil your orders.