Record key delivery events

Record key delivery events

When staff enquire about the status of an order, you want to provide them with the most accurate information possible.

Inbound consignments in Consignor are recorded using Scan App. This allows you to record key events such as a delivery confirmation, out for delivery, in transit, packaging damaged and failed delivery.


Keep track of internal

Keep track of internal consignments

There’s nothing more frustrating than parcels disappearing without a trace.

Using Scan App or your own scanning solution, tracking information is automatically uploaded to Consignor Portal so you have full visibility of your shipments.

Keep employees up-to-date Employees

Keep employees up-to-date

Employees expect to be notified about the status of their order.

Consignor notifies your internal teams via both SMS and email when the status of an order changes, so they can act quickly for high priority shipments.