All the data you

All the data you need

In order to compare carrier data with your own, you need access to the relevant data.

Consignor receives return data from carriers such as freight rates, shipping volume and weight so you can compare and make informed  shipping decisions.

Spot deviations in your

Spot deviations in your freight cost data

To avoid shipment billing errors, it’s key that you can see the deviations between your expected freight rates and your carrier’s freight rates.

Through Consignor Portal, you can compare freight rates from your carriers via the invoice report.

Get advanced freight cost

Get advanced freight cost analysis

Do you have specific KPIs that you need to report regularly on?

Softlogs Invoice Management is an enhanced freight cost module embedded directly into Consignor Portal. Based on your KPI’s, all transport costs can be analyzed to give you advanced reports to assist with strategic decision making.