Save your staff time

Save your staff time and reduce errors

Ensuring your dangerous goods shipments comply with laws and regulations can be time consuming.

Consignor saves your warehouse staff hours of work, by removing the need to manually fill out dangerous goods documents for each shipment. At the same time, the built-in validation prevents errors, reducing the risk of receiving fines for non-compliance.

Simple integration with your

Simple integration with your key systems

To ensure your dangerous goods data is accurate, it’s vital that your key systems work together.

By integrating with hundreds of ERP, WMS and OMS systems, Consignor can ensure that your data is accurate across all your key systems.

Organize your dangerous goods

Organize your dangerous goods

Having all your dangerous goods products listed in one place makes them easier to manage.

Via an integration with DG office, you can create an online catalogue of your products, which then acts as a database and validation of your dangerous goods products.