Compare carrier rates Manually

Compare carrier rates

Manually comparing your pre-calculated freight rates with your carriers’ rates is a time-consuming process that leaves you open to making errors.

To avoid this, you can compare the pre-calculated freight rates with the price invoiced by your carrier via the invoice report in Consignor Portal.

Pull information from your

Pull information from your carriers rate calculation service

If your carriers have their own shipping calculator tool, it can be difficult to work out and report on the information they produce.

Consignor can connect to your carriers’ web service and get your predefined freight rate based on the information used for creating the shipment. All information can then be reviewed in Consignor Portal.

View freight rate calculations

View freight rate calculations in multiple systems

It can be frustrating not being able to see freight data in all of your key systems.

Consignor can export your data to your e-commerce, ERP or WMS via API or filedrop, so you can keep working in your core business system.