Instant label printing If

Instant label printing

If you work with multiple carriers, managing their different shipping rules can be complicated.

By automatically collecting shipment data from your backend system, Consignor is able to print at least 30,000 labels an hour, even with the most complicated shipping rules in place. This also includes return labels.

Ship dangerous goods In

Ship dangerous goods

In order to ship dangerous goods, you need to have the correct paperwork in place.

Consignor’s shipping software automates the printing of necessary documents, transfers all relevant data to the carrier and allows for the creation of your own bespoke documentation to go with the label.

Add additional information to

Add additional information to your labels

Most of the information on your labels is automatically generated by the carrier to their specific requirements and can’t be changed.

With Consignor, you can overcome this issue by creating an overlay that is printed on top of the original label. This means you can add additional information such as logos, barcodes, text and more.