Track parcels at every

Track parcels at every stage of the delivery process

Knowing where your parcels are at any given time is key to providing excellent customer service.

Consignor’s package scanner gives everyone the visibility they need. All delivery scanning events are uploaded to a cloud-based portal so key personnel such as your customers and customer service team can track parcels anytime, anywhere via a web browser.

Optimise your drivers’ delivery

Optimise your drivers’ delivery route

If you use your own fleet, it’s important your drivers know the best possible route for their deliveries.

Scan App automatically plans and optimizes your drivers’ delivery routes. It also provides directions, ETA and other relevant delivery information, including the option to call the recipient directly from within the app to provide updates.

Create your own click

Create your own click and collect kiosk

Being unable to access key delivery details can lead to delays and unhappy customers.

With Scan App, you can setup your own click and collect/PUDO kiosk via a browser based, tablet and mobile platform. This allows you to store, retrieve and hand-over customer orders using sign-on glass technology.

Consignor Portal

Make decisions based on real-time data

Having access to live data about your carriers’ location and the status of shipments is key to making better decisions.

You can do this by connecting Scan App to Action Center in Consignor’s web portal. From here you can send notifications to your customers about their parcel, track all your shipments and get an overview of your carriers and pick-up points all in one place.

Scan hundreds of parcels

Scan hundreds of parcels to one container

Updating the information on hundreds of parcels individually can be a time consuming process.

Not in Consignor. With Scan App, you can save time by updating hundreds of parcels’ delivery information with a single scan.