Create an enhanced checkout

Create an enhanced checkout experience

Your customers expect a personalised experience when they reach your online checkout.

Ship Advisor presents the most relevant options to your customers in real time based on your predefined shipping rules such as location and product type.

Connect with the world’s

Connect with the world’s largest carrier library

Using a small number of carriers limits the delivery options you can display in your online checkout.

With the world’s largest carrier library, Consignor gives you instant access to hundreds of global, national, regional, local, and same-day delivery companies, so you have the flexibility you need to meet customer demand.

Integrate with your key

Integrate with your key systems

Using separate systems that don’t work together creates a disjointed delivery process.

By integrating with key platforms such as your eCommerce software and ERP system, Ship Advisor can provide instant and personalised delivery options to your customers.

click and collect

Add a click and collect/PUDO point to your online checkout

When your customers can’t be at home to receive a delivery, they need an alternative way to collect their parcel.

Whether you use Consignor’s carrier library or Scan App technology, you can add your own click and collect/PUDO point to your checkout and offer maximum convenience to your customers.