Automate your carrier allocation

Automate your carrier allocation

If your shipping policy involves multiple carriers, countries and products, it becomes harder to manually work out the right delivery method for each shipment.

Based on your rules set-up, Consignor can automate this process by picking the right carrier for each shipment before printing the label.

data exchange

Exchange data in real time

It becomes difficult to consistently print accurate information on labels, when your carriers prefer multiple different formats.

Consignor automatically collects data about your shipments via integrations with your ERP, WMS or ecommerce system. This saves the effort of creating the paperwork manually for your shipments and at the same time enables you to create documents in your carriers’ preferred formats.


Automatic data validation

Wrong addresses and inadequate shipping information cause failed deliveries.

Consignor automatically assesses whether the receiver address exists and the shipping information matches the chosen carrier product.

Ship dangerous goods Ensuring

Ship dangerous goods

Ensuring dangerous goods documentation complies with strict legal standards can be a time-consuming process.

Consignor’s label management system reduces this burden by automating the process. Through an integration to DG Office, the software automatically prints the necessary documents and transfers the data to your carriers so you can legally ship your dangerous goods without unnecessary delays.

Make returns easy The

Make returns easy

The last thing your customers want is a complicated returns process.

In Consignor, you can keep things simple. You can allow customers to generate their own return labels or your staff can do this themselves.