Delivery Management Software company Consignor announced today that they have established partnership with clothing company Superdry.

“We’re delighted to welcome Superdry to the Consignor customer community. Superdry’s investment will provide a strong foundation on which they can build a world-class delivery proposition. We look forward to working closely with the Superdry team as a strategic partner to help increase their service level offering, new sales channels and profitability,” says Gary Carlile, Managing Director at Consignor Ltd.

Consignor has redeemed Superdry’s ambition to consolidate all goods movements between Superdry distribution centers, stores and customers on a single platform in order to manage their global delivery network in the most efficient manner possible.

“Consignor is the right fit for our business, as they are agile and able to respond to our brand’s ever-changing business needs, provide a stable and scalable solution with access to the carriers that we want to work with. Moreover, Consignor has the appetite to develop new concepts and ideas with us. These are all important factors for us, as our strategy is to become a global digital brand through digital supply chains and operational excellence,” says Gordon Knox, Logistics Director at Superdry.

Dedicated teamwork between Consignor and Superdry has meant that in just under nine months a completely new integration between Consignor and Superdry’s WMS provider, JDA, has been established at Superdry’s distribution centers in the UK, Europe and USA for retail, wholesale and ecommerce channels, and 40 carrier services have been added in the process. Even though it is still early in the process, Superdry is already experiencing huge benefits from using Consignor for their shipments:

“The ability to pull all the disparate shipment data streams from our ecommerce, wholesale and store delivery providers into one place gives us the opportunity to be more strategic in our decision making with regards to managing what we do now and, just as importantly, what we do next,” says Ben Willetts, Global eCommerce Service Manager at Superdry.

Reducing costs and improving final mile

Consignor’s technology helps Superdry make smarter decisions on reducing shipping costs and improving service within final mile delivery.

“With Shipping Rules in Consignor we are able to protect the delivery promise we give to our customers. We’ve also improved delivery visibility for customers who use our click and collect service. Additionally, cross-border delivery is now smoother for international customers through the digitization of customs documentation,” says Ben Willetts.

The value of the partnership between Consignor and Superdry goes both ways.

“We’re honored that Superdry has chosen Consignor as their strategic partner. Superdry is a global brand that will give us enormous insights into the world of retailing, which will help our R&D team learn and develop new features that keep us strong in the market for years to come,” concludes Peter Tang Thomsen, CEO at Consignor Group.

Superdry facts:

  • Superdry was founded in 2003 in the UK.
  • Superdry manufactures and sells clothes.
  • Superdry has 515 Superdry branded locations (owned stores, franchises and concessions).
  • Superdry sells to more than 100 countries worldwide from their 21 international websites.
  • Superdry focuses on a seamlessly delivery experience through great customer service and a hassle-free returns policy.

Consignor facts:

  • Consignor was founded in 1997 and has grown to be a global Delivery Management software provider for businesses and online shops that send parcels and goods.
  • Consignor holds the world’s largest carrier library.
  • The Consignor software is a complete solution offering customers tools to ship, track, scan, receive, return and analyze their shipment flow.
  • Consignor handles shipments for 10,000+ customers globally and expects revenues of EUR 20 million in 2018.


Text by Consignor,

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