Updated Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for the Consignor platform has been updated per 01.01.2018.

To ensure that both you and Consignor meet the strict requirements of the EU regulation, we have of course updated our Terms of Use. The updated Terms of Use clarifies our obligations to you as a client.

The updates are mainly implemented in order to adapt the terms to meet the requirements of the GDPR. The terms i.a. contain the provisions which the controller (the customer) is required to have in its data processor agreement with the data processor (Consignor).

How do I accept the updated Terms of Use?
Continued use of the Consignor platform and payment of your next license invoice will be considered as an accept of the updated Terms of Use. So you do not have to do anything else in this context.

Download updated Terms of Use.

Text by Consignor, news@consignor.com

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